Frolik, Hjalmarsson, and Kruger Added To Worlds Rosters

Photos: Bridget Samuels/flickr

Michael Frolik will be joining Team Czech for the 2012 IIHF World Championships — or, at least that’s what I gathered from this article that I Google Translated. (

Quick Move to third, ending, a return to the red line, the next action shot. Back and forth in tempo. So Michael Frolik gave the body of Brno in the silent hall a few minutes after the hockey team played its game Saturday against Finland (2-3 in the Keypad.). The latest from the NHL reinforcements joined the team in preparation for the World Cup.

For the first time 24 year old striker played in the championship last year brought bronze and Bratislava, which followed up on their junior years. The osmnáctek dvacítek and has three bronze medals.

I… guess? It’s almost like poetry from an incredibly broken man.

Niklas Hjalmarsson and Marcus Kruger are joining Team Sweden. While Hjalmarsson is listed on the official roster on the IIHF website, Kruger is not. (UPDATE as of 4:00 am: Yes, he is.) However, he is on the roster for the first exhibition game on May 1. (


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