World Domination: Blackhawks Take Center Stage During Day One

Duncan "I Showed Up to Worlds" Keith. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

The Blackhawks have gotten off to a good start during this year’s Worlds, as two of them were named players of the game today: Marcus Kruger for Sweden and Duncan Keith for Canada. All three teams we’re following here at Runs On Duncan defeated their opponents today, so let’s take a look at their stats.

Team Canada (vs. Slovakia)

Duncan Keith was the star of this game as far as the Blackhawks are concerned. He had two shots on goal, one assist, and finished the game as a plus-two with a total of 21:18 minutes (21 shifts) on ice. His plus-two was the highest on Team Canada after this victory over the Slovaks, and he was noticeably on the ball during the entire game. Assistant captain Patrick Sharp also had two shots on goal, but he finished with zero points and a negative-two after clocking in 16:53 in 20 shifts. Not quite as impressive, but still a solid effort against a strong team.

You can read the Intermission Report’s full game recap here.

Team Sweden (vs. Norway)

Marcus Kruger shone in this game, showing an effort that earned him Best Player of the Game despite his stats looking average—an even plus/minus and three shots on goal after 15:24 (29 shifts) of ice time. He was responsible in both the offensive and defensive zones despite taking 4 penalty minutes, and really used his speed effectively, scoring a goal. Viktor Stalberg was also visible on the ice, clocking in at 14:52 after 21 shifts. He had four shots on goal during the game and finished a plus-one. His speed was slightly less impressive when the rest of the team is just as fast, but he was smarter about puck handling. Niklas Hjalmarsson had zero shots on goal but was also a plus-one thanks to an assist, clocking the most minutes at 20:18 over 35 shifts.

You can read my full game recap at the Intermission Report.

Team Czech (vs. Denmark)

The Blackhawks’ Michael Frolik had one assist and one shot on goal to earn himself a plus-one at the end of the game, after clocking in 13:09 over 18 shifts—the smallest amount of ice time amongst all Blackhawks playing at Worlds. While he was out there he was efficient, though, and it seemed clear that he was comfortable in the international stage. We are looking forward to seeing what else he will do throughout the tournament.

You can take a look at the official recap over at IIHF.


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