World Domination: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Sharpy continues to be flawless. (Photo: David Kindler/flickr)

Today’s match-ups were already going to cause some conflict here at Runs On Duncan—Sweden taking on the Czech Republic already meant that not all of our boys could win, but the USA defeating Canada dashed a lot of hopes.

Three out of our six boys ended up winners today, at least?

Team Canada (vs. USA)

The Canada boys could not handle Jack MF Johnson in full Captain America mode as he won it for the US in overtime. Duncan Keith was one of the most effective on the ice today, with four shots on goal that led to a goal and an assist in 22:35 (30 shifts) of ice time despite an even plus/minus. Sharp faded into the background a bit more, three shots on goal and a plus-one in 18:36 with 25 shifts.

If you want some more, you can go read the Intermission Report’s awesome live blog and full game recap here.

Team Sweden (vs. Czech Republic)

Sweden’s win was, oddly enough, mostly due to the Red Wings’ contributions to Tre Kronor. All three Blackhawks broke even in their plus/minus and had zero points, with Stalberg clocking in 13:00 (18 shifts), Kruger 15:08 (23 shifts), and Hjalmarsson 18:02 (25 shifts). On the Czech side, Frolik finished the game as a minus-one after 13:07 minutes of ice time over 18 shifts.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking a short break, as no Blackhawks will be competing, and we shall return on Monday with three games for our three teams.


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