Fresh Brew: Edzo Not Happy Kane Didn’t Go To Worlds

(Photo: Kris Krug/flickr)

Eddie Olczyk is not happy that Patrick Kane didn’t go represent the USA in Worlds:

“I don’t know if (it’s) Patrick Kane being hurt, but this is the prioritizing or lack thereof to me as an alum of Team USA,” Olczyk said, “These World Championships were really important for the seedlings going into the Olympics.”

“I was very disappointed that he didn’t go and represent our country and try to help us get a better seed come Olympic time, but maybe there (are) some things that I don’t know behind the scenes.” (CBS Chicago)

Listen, Edzo, Kane had some very important drinking to do, okay? Don’t hate.

Good news, everyone! Since the Coyotes have been bounced from the playoffs, Raffi Torres is suspended for 12 games for next year for his hit on Marian Hossa. Excellent. (SB Nation Chicago)

Speaking of the Coyotes, Second City Hockey‘s eulogy for the desert dogs on Puck Daddy is pretty much flawless. My favorite part was this:

We no longer will be treated to the uneasy sight of a state with the harshest immigration policies having a “white-out.”

Brandon Bollig will be chatting tomorrow on Spreecast at 8pm ET/7pm CT. You can check it out here, or (hopefully) on ROD, depending on if the workaround for the embedding actually works.


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