Fresh Brew: Blackhawks Lose Four Preseason Games

When will we get to see the UC like this again? (Photo: Jed Sullivan/flickr)

The NHL has cancelled all preseason games through September 30, which includes four Blackhawks preseason games.

  • Tuesday, September 25 @ Philadelphia Flyers
  • Thursday, September 27 @ Detroit Red Wings
  • Friday, September 28 vs. Detroit Red Wings
  • Sunday, September 30 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

If you have already bought tickets to either of the two home games, keep an eye on your email for further information on how to get your money back.

The Blackhawks held another informal practice today, where Jonathan Toews had some harsh words about the lockout, according to CSN Chicago:

“People in Canada really understand what’s gone on the last 18 years or so since (Gary) Bettman’s been commissioner and the repetitiveness of these situations,” Toews said. “People in Chicago, especially are more disappointed. Look at the last five years and how great hockey’s been in this city and the energy it’s brought. People are scared we’re going to miss the season and that we’re not going to see hockey. Even if it’s an 80-game season instead of 82, it’s disappointing. There’s no reason to go to that point.

“I think it’s been a negotiating tactic all along from the league standpoint to wait this long,” Toews said. “From the player’s standpoint, we’ll play under former CBA. There’s been more than enough effort from players to find an agreement. It’s almost embarrassing that it’s almost gone this far. You just stay patient and stay with it.”

By the way, Patrick Kane and Daniel Carcillo joined in on today’s informal practice. (Chicago Tribune)

Good news for those who work within the Blackhawks organization — the team has announced that there will be “no layoffs, no cuts, no furloughs” in the foreseeable future. (Chicago Sun-Times)


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