Fresh Brew: Goodbye, Preseason Schedule

That ends that, then. (Photo: Jed Sullivan/flickr)

The NHL has cancelled all remaining preseason games, which includes two Blackhawks preseason games.

  • Friday, October 5 @ Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Saturday, October 6 vs. Philadelphia Flyers

If you have already bought tickets to the remaining preseason home game, keep an eye on your email for further information on how to get your money back.

Here is your reminder that it won’t be the league or the players that will really feel the sting of a lost season. Get it together, douchebags. (WBEZ)

The Blackhawks players received their NHLPA practice jerseys, which they sported on the ice during their informal practice yesterday. (CSN Chicago)

The team was also trying to stay cautiously optimistic about talks resuming on Friday between the league and the player’s association.

“It seems like this past week or so, when both sides didn’t meet, it felt like there’s a sense we’re starting over from scratch,” Jonathan Toews said. “You can exchange as many proposals as you want but if there’s no progress, no talks, it doesn’t matter. It’s good to know we’ll have some meetings on Friday and we’ll see what comes of them, I guess.”

For more thoughts from the team, click the video below. (CSN Chicago)

Finally… oh God. I guess I should talk about this. Chris Chelios allegedly set fire to a Jay Cutler jersey. Why? Because alcohol, that’s why. (Puck Daddy)

Look, I want to punch Cutler in his stupid, sulky face as much as the next girl (though I also wish him the best of luck for as long as he’s the Bears’ quarterback — it’s a complicated relationship that I have with Cutler). However, I’m not okay with setting fire to team merchandise unless it’s one of those bootleg Blackhawks jerseys that you bought off of a truck for twenty bucks that you swear looks exactly like the real thing (no, it doesn’t).


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