Two More Blackhawks Games Lost To NHL Lockout

When will we see the inside of the United Center like this again? (Photo: Brian Koprowski/flickr)

The NHL announced today that the league has cancelled all regular season games through November 1. This includes two Blackhawks games.

  • Saturday, October 27 vs. San Jose Sharks
  • Tuesday, October 30 vs. Phoenix Coyotes

If you have already bought tickets to either of these games, keep an eye on your email for further information on how to get your money back.

You know, up until last week, this would have been met with a gnashing of teeth and capslock rage. Now, though? I’ve reached a sort of zen about it. I’ve been focusing on other things (and other leagues) to get me through the lockout. So, fine. Cancel games, NHL. That’s cool. I haven’t died without you yet, and I doubt I will any time soon.

Now, for no real reason, here’s a picture of Jonathan Toews on a CTA train.

Photo: @burr1/instagram


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