Champs For Charity – A Photojournal Of Epic Ridiculousness

Bust A Move Adam / Photo by: the_mel

As most of you know by now, a selection of former and current Blackhawks, in addition to players from around the “World”, played a charity hockey game on Friday night at the Allstate Arena. The good news is over $300K was raised for the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital. The bad (or perhaps best) news was that the game was so beyond ridiculous that you had to laugh. And cry. It was better than “Cats.”

The World Team beat the team of assorted Blackhawks 16-15 in a shootout. Because we take journalism so seriously here at Runs On Duncan, I humbly present to you a summary of this game, courtesy of the most awful, silly and absurd photos I took while in the third row.

Warning – extremely photo-heavy post after the jump. If you still own a Blackberry, I’d hate for it to burst into flames if you try to view this.

I believe I saw a nest of birds, a Toblerone bar and a small child in Mike Brown‘s beard.


“Draw me like one of your French girls”

Well, Fridays are a bowling night for a lot of folks…

Personally, the most enjoyable part of this photo is the look on the faces of the women in the crowd and that one very confused young man.

Insert fart joke here.

This is Ladd’s “Do I really have to back to Winnipeg after the lockout” face

I’d like to think instead of this being a photo of Wiz reacting to his own goal, that Burish is telling him that no one ever bought any Wiz Wear. EVER.

I have never seen a bench so full of fools in my life.

I’d chide Carcillo about giving Dempster the Three Stooges eye-poke, but since it looks like Ryan is gnawing on one of Carbomb’s ribs in the second photo, I’d call it even.


I cannot believe I got to see a goalie take a penalty shot (and score!) before I ever saw a goalie fight in person. UNFAIR.

I MISS TOEWS-FACES OK? Even Sharpie seems enamored with this one.



I know Halloween is coming up, but practice your serial killer faces in the mirror at home, ok Captain?

Welp, I hope you enjoyed this massive amount of fail. Especially as it may be the last time we see some of these guys in Chicago until next year. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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