I’d Like To Report A Robbery: Blackhawks 3, Flames 2 (SO)

Yes, officer, I saw this man running away with two points. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

On a night where the Blackhawks deserved to get exactly zero points out of this game, they somehow came away with two, and it was all thanks to Ray Emery.

Emery saw a career-high 47 shots and stopped 45 of them before blanking the Calgary Flames in the shootout. Remember, this is a guy who was last in net two weeks ago against the Phoenix Coyotes. Guess his hip is good and oiled now.

This was another lackluster performance by the Blackhawks skaters tonight. Other than the last ten minutes of the game, this one seemed to drag on and on — kind of like last night’s game against the Vancouver Canucks. Starting around the middle of the game, the Flames started pouring it on, testing Emery and the defense.

Emery held on, though, but the team still couldn’t make it easy. After Patrick Kane put the team ahead 1-0, the Flames’ Dennis Wideman tied it. Then, with 35 seconds left in regulation, Jay Bouwmeester gave the Flames the lead (with a little help from Kane — eek). “Welp, that’s it — point streak over,” everyone was saying. “Nice run while it last — OH MY GOD, HOSSA!”

Marian Hossa, everybody. With 2.1 seconds left, he (along with Patrick Kane and Johhny Oduya) help to steal a point for the Blackhawks. The game goes into overtime, and after killing off a Brandon Saad slashing penalty, the game goes into a shootout.


Let’s just watch that shootout, shall we?

Kane scores, no one else does, and the Blackhawks snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Yeah, so, the Blackhawks might not have deserved this one. But, hell, it’s better than the two times they visited Calgary last year, so I’ll take the undeserved win over complete annihilation.


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