The Quiet Room With Casey And Kat

Until we get a proper logo for this podcast, here’s a picture of Patrick Sharp for you. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Runs On Duncan takes its first tenuous steps into podcasting with The Quiet Room with Casey (a good friend of mine) and Kat (me, of course)! Topics include:

  • The Chicago Blackhawks‘ games over the weekend against the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames
  • Andrew Shaw — not as terrible as we think?
  • The weird start to the NHL season
  • The Line Cocktail for the week
  • Question of the week: How would you write up a “Hockey Guide” for a woman going to a game for the first time? Drop us a comment below.

Click the button below to listen. If there’s anything we can do to improve anything about the podcast, let us know!


4 thoughts on “The Quiet Room With Casey And Kat

  1. Rachel

    I think you guys did a really great job for first time podcasters. Just some suggestions would be that you create a standard intro for every new post, improve the sound quality if possible, and try to keep it up-tempo. Maybe make an outline about what you guys are going to talk about (if you don’t do that already) and try to keep the pauses to a minimum.

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions! We’ll see what we can do about the sound quality (maybe using Skype over phones will help), and we’ll definitely be more prepared to keep it moving more smoothly next week.

  2. Everbright

    A zillion years ago a very fav author of mine wrote a hockey story. The teams was the Blackhawks (though the players were replaced with fiction characters.) She was aware that her audience probably wasn’t going to know a lot about hockey, so she wrote a really bang-up primer. It’s out-of-date to the current rules, but the tone and organization was really clear. She used a lot of graphics too, a combination of top-down diagrams and pictures. Hit me up if you want the addy, I sort of don’t want to put it on a public comment!


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