Fresh Brew: Say Goodbye To Patrick Kane’s Mouth Guard

RIP LITTLE HOMIE. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Shocking news from the Chicago Blackhawks! Patrick Kane is playing without a mouth guard this season, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“They didn’t have one for me when I got to Switzerland,” said Kane, who played for HC Biel during the lockout. “I could have gone to the dentist and got one, but I forgot all about it. When I came back here, (the Hawks) had some for me to try, but it just kind of felt weird in my mouth.”

The mouth guard hanging out of Kane’s mouth (instead of actually, you know, guarding his mouth) had become something of a trademark for Kane. The last two Kane bobbleheads featured a mouth guard dangling from his lips, and the Blackhawks even used replica mouth guards as a giveaway last season. Guess the Blackhawks marketing geniuses will have to come up with something else now. Maybe a Kane spinning top for all those spin-o-ramas?

The New York Times writes about the Blackhawks’ winning streak, which is weird. But a good kind of weird. wrote up an article about the team who wore the greatest logo in all of sports — the Hartford Whalers — and that team’s impact on coaching in today’s NHL. Why do I bring this up? Check out this picture:

Second row, second from the left, wearing the A? That’s exactly who you think it is. (Photo:

Andrew Shaw talks to the Chicago Tribune about the Blackhawks’ Disney On Ice road trip, which finishes up tomorrow night against the Nashville Predators.

Finally, if you have an hour and a half to kill, check out this 1965 Black Hawks game against the Detroit Red Wings.


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