Warmups: Screw The Grammys — The Blackhawks Are On!

He should’ve been nominated for “Frolik Navidad.” (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

  • Injury Report: Michal Rozsival will be playing tonight. Thank God. (Chicago Tribune) Of course, Daniel Carcillo is still out with a knee injury until late February. On the Predators, they are making due without forward Patric Hornqvist. (NHL.com)
  • Patrick Sharp might not be scoring, but he’s still producing offense, which is nice of him. (Chicago Sun-Times)
“The key things are I’m still producing offensively — I’m getting points — and the team’s playing well,” Sharp said. “That’s the main thing. If the team was losing games and the puck wasn’t going in for me, it’d be a lot more frustrating. But the fact that things are going well as a unit makes me feel good.”
  • Former Ranger Chris Kotsopoulous talks about life after retiring from hockey. (The Observer-Dispatch) In it, he mentions his time with the Hartford Whalers with Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville:

 ‘Kotsy’ has mixed memories of his seasons spent with the Hartford Whalers.  He enjoyed living in Connecuticut and has fond memories of his teammates.  Chicago Blackhawks Coach Joel Quenneville was one of Chris’ fellow Whalers.  ” I had a great time with Joel.  We had a lot of fun in Hartford. I bought a house there”, Kotsopoulos said.  ”  The organization was shoddy.  The four years that I was with the Whalers, I had contract troubles.  I think we went through seven coaches and two general managers.  The guys liked Hartford.  There were ususally a dozen to 15 players living in Hartford year around. Most places, when the season is over, the players return from where they come”.

  • The Reporters from TSN.ca give their thumbs up to the Chicago Blackhawks for their performance so far. Let’s just hope they keep it up.
  • Let’s watch Jonathan Toews talk about the Predators and how his job as captain changes during a win streak:

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