14-0-3: Chicago Blackhawks 2, San Jose Sharks 1

Brandon Saad is a man. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

Brandon Saad is a man. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

(This update is coming about twelve hours later than I would’ve liked, thanks to a migraine wrecking my shit for a day. Bear with me.)

Yes, the Chicago Blackhawks have broken the record for longest streak without a regulation loss in the NHL. (The previous team who held the record was the 2006-07 Anaheim Ducks. They would go on to win the Stanley Cup. No pressure or anything, Blackhawks.) One day, this streak will end, and the meatballs will scream about it to the high heavens. But let’s just enjoy it for a little bit, shall we?

Special thanks goes to the San Jose Sharks, who accounted for three of those 14 wins, including last night’s. See you next season, you teal-encrusted fishmongers.

First of all, let’s take a look at the goal that tied it up for the Blackhawks from Viktor Stalberg.

Oh, Stalberg. That goal was so… so… Viktor Stalberg, is really all I can describe it as. “Skating up to the net really fast isn’t working, so let me just try to dish it over to Patrick Kane — wait, that went in?” Never change, Stalberg.

Then there was the goal which cemented the burgeoning man-crush of many a Blackhawks fan on Brandon Saad.

Oh my God, that was pretty. The speed, the hockey smarts, the perfectly-timed release… Sigh!

Never forget that the Blackhawks picked up Saad in the second round of the 2011 NHL Draft at 43rd overall. (The Blackhawks passed on him three times in the draft before Stan Bowman took a look at who was left on the board, presumably did a spit take at seeing Saad’s name, and made sure he wouldn’t make that mistake a fourth time.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a game against the Sharks without some stupidity. Here’s Andrew Shaw being a dumbass with a dangerous hit on Joe Pavelski before mixing it up with Ryane Clowe (who the NHL determined left the bench to retaliate, and therefore will be getting an in-person hearing with Brendan Shanahan) with eight seconds left to go in the game.

Seriously, sometimes Shaw is useful with his shootout winners and his overall peskiness… and sometimes, Shaw is a fucking dick, with dirty, reckless hits like the one on Pavelski up there. Stop it with the bullshit, kid, seriously. We already have a Daniel Carcillo. The shithead role on the team is already filled.

Anyway, the Blackhawks pull out a win, and here’s our favorite drunk uncle Pat Foley making the call.


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