Wow: Chicago Blackhawks 8, Dallas Stars 1

Patrick Kane has gone H.A.M. And, this season, that doesn't stand for "hot ass mess." (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

Patrick Kane has gone H.A.M. And, this season, that doesn’t stand for “hot ass mess.” (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

Nick Leddy, Viktor Stalberg, and Bryan Bickell all had three-point nights.

Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews scored two goals a piece.

Brandon Bollig, uh, skated for 9:51 — a new NHL record for him.

But I know what everyone is talking about, and it’s none of those things.

They’re talking about the Patrick Kane spin-o-rama goal that made Denis Savard beam with pride after the game like Kane was his only begotten son (which, honestly, he kind of is).

Well, here it is. This will be on the highlight reel when the Chicago Blackhawks raise #88 to the rafters in twenty years.

If you’re expecting more analysis from this game, you must be out of your mind. Look at the score up there. How am I supposed to analyze a complete ass-kicking? Poor Corey Crawford was falling asleep from the lack of action he saw in his own zone.

The most embarrassing part of this entire game for the Blackhawks was probably Brent Seabrook‘s pathetic fight against Antoine Roussel — a fight so sad, I’m just going to link to it instead of posting the actual video.

But I’m picking nits because, well, the Blackhawks won 8-1, which means I have to nitpick if I want to say anything negative about this game.


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