Second Balcony Breakdown: Patrick Kane For Lady Byng

Yes. This guy. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

Yes. This guy. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

Casey and I return with an all new Second Balcony Breakdown, which was recorded earlier than usual (around 3pm instead of our usual 9pm start time) because Casey had a championship game to run off to.

(For spoilers as to how it went, click here!)

Download this podcast (Right-click on the link and “Save Target/Link as…” to do so.)

Topics include:

  • Patrick Kane as a viable candidate for the Lady Byng Trophy. Seriously.
  • Last week’s Chicago Blackhawks games against the Minnesota Wild, Detroit Red Wings, and St. Louis Blues
  • Why Casey hates dislikes Viktor Stalberg
  • Why the goalie “controversy” is stupid
  • Me crying about the power play
  • Other shit that happened around the league, including Nate Thompson demonstrating why visors are important, the hit on Brad Marchand, and Steve Ott being a disgusting individual
  • The Line Cocktail for this week is sad, like Brandon Bollig being on the top line
  • Question for this week: Who would you least like to see the Blackhawks take on in the first round? And this doesn’t have to be the team you’re most afraid of in the first round, either. You can have your own reasons for why.

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