Second Balcony Breakdown: In Which Kat Has A Cold

Playoffs, baby! Woo! (Photo: Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

Playoffs, baby! Woo! (Photo: Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

Casey and I return with the playoffs edition of Second Balcony Breakdown. Please excuse my failing voice, coughing, and sniffling during this podcast, along with my general grumpiness. I recorded this while battling my yearly spring cold.


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Topics include:

  • Patrick Kane and Brandon Saad‘s mullets
  • The Chicago Blackhawks‘ first three games against the Minnesota Wild
  • Me trying to remember the plural of “series” (It’s “series,” by the way. How do you English, guys?)
  • The other, more interesting and hilarious goings-on around the NHL during the playoffs, such as…
  • Jonathan Quick‘s gross giveaway to a Blue
  • Suspensions!
  • The Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators‘ series being a complete shitshow!
  • Coming back to the Blackhawks a bit, we discuss Susannah Collins‘ firing from CSN Chicago and why this was dumb
  • Here is the link to Dan Bernstein‘s article that we bring up during the podcast. I know it’s Bernstein, but he has a point, in this case.
  • The Colorado Avalanche winning the Seth Jones lottery (They better pick Seth Jones, dammit.)
  • And then the podcast falls apart right when the San Jose Sharks scored two goals in nine seconds to put themselves up 5-1 over the Vancouver Canucks
  • The Line Cocktail for this week reflects how I felt last night.
  • Question of the week: Do you think Alain Vigneault will be fired from the Canucks? Why or why not?
  • Follow us! I’m at @RunsOnDuncan, and Casey is at @Raedances.

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