Second Balcony Breakdown: Who Let HOCKEENIGHT In Here?

The face of Team USA. God help us.

The face of Team USA. God help us.

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Oh, wait — Casey and I did. Yes, we recorded with Fork and CT of HOCKEENIGHT, which quickly turned into a podcast of everything we hate, including:

  • The Team USA jerseys
  • NBC Sports Network
  • NHL Network
  • The Edmonton Oilers (specifically, “Oil Change”)
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins
  • The St. Louis Blues, who are trying to limit the number of Blackhawks fans in the stands like the Nashville Predators.
  • Terrible contracts handed out by other teams (actually, we love this, to be honest)
  • Online dating (Well, Casey hates it, anyway — which is why she’s letting other people take over her online dating profile. Casey enjoys long walks on the beach, Sailor Moon, and knocking people over while playing hockey. LADIES.)
  • The jig guy on the Jumbotron at the United Center

Also, do not Google or Bearforce One. (See, I’m not even going to link these for you. I’m trying to help you out.) Just don’t.

Anyway, make sure you follow us on Twitter! I’m at @RunsOnDuncan, and Casey is at @Raedances.


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