Second Balcony Breakdown Goes Down Under

Yes, Australia has an ice hockey league.

Yes, Australia has an ice hockey league.

Casey and I return after three days with a new episode of Second Balcony Breakdown. On this podcast, we spoke with Sasky Stewart about the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL).

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Topics include:

  • A very brief overview of what happened in hockey over the last couple of days, which really means one thing — Teemu Selanne returns for “one more year.” Teemu forever!
  • The Russian hockey Olympics team and their various ways of dealing with the legislation against gays in their home country
  • But the majority of this podcast is dedicated to the AIHL and the Finals coming up next weekend. If you don’t know much about the AIHL, don’t worry — between the podcast and some supplemental materials I will provide in the next points, you’ll be pretty much covered.
  • The AIHL infographic I created a couple of months ago will help give you a basic overview of the league and some of the rules and regulations.
  • I also talk a bit about the Melbourne Ice‘s documentary during the podcast, which is called The Ice Road To 3Peat. For episode summaries, check out these links: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6
  • By the way, Stan Scott‘s speech is in the second episode.

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