Blah: Chicago Blackhawks 2, St. Louis Blues 3 (SO)

When you see the numbers, that means let up on the hit, Blues. (Cheryl Adams/flickr)

When you see the numbers, that means let up on the hit, Blues. (Cheryl Adams/flickr)

Well, that was a ridiculous pile of garbage — but enough about Barret Jackman.

Coach Joel Quenneville said that he didn’t like this game after the first 12 minutes, and I would have to agree with him. Of course, it didn’t help that the power play was terrible, and that he made some questionable decisions during the game.

Duncan Keith should not be skating for almost half the game. His TOI was a ridiculous 29:13; even with all the time the Blackhawks spent on the power play, this is still a lot of time for a team with its defense completely intact from last year. (I mean, come on — it’s not like they still have John Scott out there on the blue line.) Too much TOI for Keith means he turns into Drunken Keith, and his lackluster play leads to things like this. I thought we had established this.

Brandon Pirri, Brandon Saad, and Andrew Shaw were playing well together in the first few minutes of the game — and then they were broken up as soon as Coach Q’s Random Line Generator(TM) kicked in. I’ve come to expect Coach Q’s line shake-ups as soon as things start looking bad, but can we keep the line that is working and then put everything else in a blender, for once?

Let’s not forget something, though. It’s a game in October with a team trying to fit new players into gaps left behind by old players. I’d rather see the bumps along the road now instead of, you know, in March. Yes, it always sucks to lose to the miscreants and rabble-rousers that make up the Blues’ roster, but at least the Blackhawks got a point out of it this time (thanks for not pinching this time, Brent Seabrook).

The Blackhawks’ third periods are still garbage, though, and so is Jackman.


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