Second Balcony Breakdown: THE RETURN

It's been so long since we've recorded, this little nugget was still in the womb. (Sharp family/Chicago Blackhawks)

It’s been so long since we’ve recorded, this little nugget was still in the womb. (Sharp family/Chicago Blackhawks)

Casey and I make our triumphant return to mocking the Chicago Blackhawks and the rest of the NHL with this edition of Second Balcony Breakdown.

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Topics include:

  • Every game that we haven’t covered, which is (surprise!) every game after the home opener, from the St. Louis Blues to the Tampa Bay Lightning (which includes me laughing hysterically about how the Lightning game went down)
  • Reassuring Blackhawks fans about the stuttering start the team has had
  • An overview of the NHL standings, or why the Colorado Avalanche are one goaltender injury away from a complete collapse
  • The timing of Peter Laviolette‘s firing actually makes sense now.
  • I still hate the Edmonton Oilers, so I don’t care that Nail Yakupov got scratched or that Taylor Hall broke some Gretzky record.
  • EVERYONE IS GETTING INJURED — especially if they’re on my fantasy team.
  • I would hate the Buffalo Sabres if they weren’t so sad, but that doesn’t stop me from getting angry with them about the John Scott hit.
  • Viktor Stalberg is a healthy scratch for the Nashville Predators, and he deserves it.
  • Old dudes are retiring.
  • This week’s Line Cocktail will hasten the coming of the holidays.
  • This week’s question: What Halloween costumes should the Blackhawks wear this year?
  • Follow us on Twitter! I’m at @RunsOnDuncan, and Casey is at @Raedances.

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