Second Balcony Breakdown: Better Than The Metropolitan Division

Obama > Carcillo.

Obama > Carcillo.

Casey and I return with a new, not-as-late edition of Second Balcony Breakdown.

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Topics include:

  • Casey’s review of the “17 Seconds” documentary
  • The Chicago Blackhawks‘ trip to the White House. If you didn’t get to watch that live, check it here:

  • The Blackhawks games from the past week or so, including games against the Minnesota Wild, Ottawa SenatorsWinnipeg Jets, and Calgary Flames

  • The Metropolitan Division is awful. You know this already, but we go over just how bad that division is.
  • Also terrible: Viktor Stalberg.
  • The whole Ray Emery beatdown on Braden Holtby, and why this is bad for pro-fighting pundits in hockey, along with other injuries that occured during this Philadelphia FlyersWashington Capitals game.
  • John Scott being suspended for being terrible, and how this is affecting Brandon Bollig and other players of his type
  • Patrick Kaleta is in the AHL now because he’s a jerk.
  • The entire Semyon Varlamov ordeal reduces me to incoherent angry noises.
  • Suspensions!
  • Injuries!
  • The Line Cocktail for this week is en fuego.
  • We discuss the Blackhawks’ Halloween costumes, which were all ridiculous.
  • By the way, here is coach Joel Quenneville with his mini-me:


  • This week’s question: ENGAGE US, PLEASE. Tell us what we’re doing right, what we could improve on, and/or what you’d like to see us do.
  • Follow us on Twitter! I’m at @RunsOnDuncan, and Casey is at @Raedances.

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