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I'm really not as cranky as you think I am. I'm a partial season-ticket holder for the Blackhawks. I like goaltenders, ECHL hockey, photography, hamsters and the kind of pizza they don't serve at the UC for $15/slice. I dislike most everything else.

Walleye Wednesday: Dead Fish Eyes


That about sums it up.

First off, apologies for not posting last week – not that anyone noticed. My wonderful internet provider (coughCOMCASTcough) crapped out pretty much all of last Wednesday. Oh well.

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Walleye Wednesday: Zzzzzz

HANNUUUUU (Remember Him?) / Photo by the_mel - Flickr

HANNUUUUU (Remember Him?) / Photo by the_mel – Flickr

The title of this post isn’t really so much a commentary on the Walleye’s play last week, but rather the very sparse scheduling. The Walleye played a single game last Saturday, and are actually playing one tonight, which I’ll recap next week. Because by the time that game is over and the Hawks are done in Calgary, it’ll be Thursday and we can’t have that.

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Walleye Wednesday: No Carruth, No Truth, No Wins

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 8.41.16 PM

This pretty much sums up the week / Photo via Toledo Blade – Jetta Fraser

While many folks first thought (other than concern, I HOPE) when Nikolai Khabibulin went down with an exploded groin during Saturday’s game in Nashville was YAY ANTTI RAANTA, mine was OOH WALLEYE, YOU IN TROUBLE.

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Walleye Wednesday: A Not-So Sunshine State

Yeah, this guy pretty much screwed the Walleye (not literally) / Photo by: the_mel

Last week the Walleye packed up & took their game to the much warmer and scenic Florida for a game against the Florida Everblades, and back-to-back contests against the Orlando Solar Bears. Unfortunately, the results did not match what I presume was a beautiful setting outside the arena. Rather, the Walleye pretty much played like January Ohio weather: i.e. crappy.

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Walleye Wednesday: The Force Is Strong With This Team. Sorta.


Stay On Target…

The Walleye came into last week with a schedule consisting of three games in three nights, all against divisional opponents. Sandwiched in the middle was the infamous Star Wars game, played in front of a sold-out crowd at the Huntington Center. Was this nerd in attendance? You bet your ass I was.

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Walleye Wednesday: Three Games, Three Points

At Least One Walleye Goaltender Is Doing Well (woo Carruth!) / Photo via Toledo Walleye Instagram

At Least One Walleye Goaltender Is Doing Well (woo Carruth!) / Photo via Toledo Walleye Instagram

After a bit of a tease to start the season (a lone game in six days), last week really got the season rolling for the Walleye with three games played. The highlight was the home opener in Toledo this past Saturday.

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Walleye Wednesday: 71 More To Go!

It begins… / Photo by: the_mel

So, you’ve been eagerly anticipating the start of the ECHL season, especially since Toledo got dumped in the first round of the playoffs last season. Finally, October 19th has arrived – woooo hockey! And then the game is over and you have to wait nearly another week for game two. You’re the bestest ECHL scheduling.

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Time To Go Fishing: Your 2013-14 Toledo Walleye Season Preview

Carruth, Carruth, Carruth is on fire (sorry, bad pun) / Photo by: the_mel

For those who have forgotten, I do actually write things other than hate-trolling the Blackhawks’ future opponents. Tonight kicks off the 26th ECHL season, and the Blackhawks own affiliate, the Toledo Walleye, begin their 2013-14 campaign on the road Saturday vs. the Fort Wayne Komets.

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2013 Blackhawks Convention: The Good, The Bad, The Fugly

This is a team of Grumpy Cats / Image by the_mel

This is a team of Grumpy Cats / Image by the_mel

With the season finishing so late, it hardly felt like it was time for the annual Blackhawks Convention. But there we all were last weekend, throwing money at the Blackhawks organization like a 18-year-old at his first strip club. If you weren’t at the Hilton this past weekend, or were and were drunk not paying attention, I present you this recap, of sorts.

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Five Reasons To Hate The Boston Bruins

Watch out Hawks – One large exhale from this dude’s nostrils & you’ll end up in the 300 level / Photo by: the_mel

Oh, Boston.

I think I speak for many Blackhawks fans when I state we were pulling for you in 2011. It was a no-brainer, really — you were not only playing the team for which we save our most vile hatred, but also the team that knocked us out in the first round. (Well, barely — the Canucks were an OT period away from one of the greatest choke-jobs in the NHL, but I digress.)

There were also little things that warmed our Midwestern hearts. The long Cup drought, not unlike the one the Hawks snapped the year prior. The All-American goalie, who, after a long struggle to make it to the NHL, was on the cusp of greatness.

But yeah, it was mostly your destruction of the Canucks that we enjoyed the most.

But when the warm glow of your Cup win faded (or maybe that was just downtown Vancouver), we all realized something.

You guys fucking suck.

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