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Second Balcony Breakdown: WE’RE BACK

Did they even TRY with these?

Did they even TRY with these?

No. Seriously. Casey and I have come back to mock the Chicago Blackhawks and the rest of the NHL with Second Balcony Breakdown!

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Topics include:

  • What took us so long to return (SPOILER: it was my fault)
  • The Blackhawks. Duh.
  • The weird start to the NHL season
  • Depressing medical news around the league
  • The Winter Classic and the new Road to the NHL Winter Classic show on Epix. Here’s the teaser video, if you haven’t seen it yet:

  • Potential salary cap problems
  • Potential NHL expansion… to Las Vegas?
  • Has the AHL figured out how to kill the shootout?
  • My trip to Tampa Bay and my upcoming trip to Columbus
  • And, perhaps most importantly, Casey’s “bro fridge” and the problems therein

Because of that last bit, this week’s question is:

How can you tell if jelly has gone bad? Because Casey needs some help with this, you guys.

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Second Balcony Breakdown: Free Agent Frenzy!



Casey and I return for the Free Agent Frenzy edition of Second Balcony Breakdown!

[audio http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-126405/TS-764258.mp3]

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Topics include:

  • The moves the Chicago Blackhawks made during Free Agent Frenzy, which consisted of signing Michal Handzus, Michal Rozsival, and everyone’s favorite twitchy, grumpy drunk goaltender, Nikolai Khabibulin!
  • Saying goodbye to Ray Emery (who signed with the Philadelphia Flyers) and Viktor Stalberg (who has fucked off to the Nashville Predators)
  • Other happenings around the league, including Daniel Alfredsson going to the Detroit Red Wings, Bobby Ryan going to the Ottawa Senators, Nathan Horton (and Jack Skille!) heading to the Columbus Blue Jackets, and Jarome Iginla going to the Boston Bruins
  • And, oh yeah — Tyler Seguin getting traded to the Dallas Stars for Loui Eriksson.
  • Guys who are still on the table, such as Jaromir Jagr and Tim Thomas (lol)
  • The opening of Blackhawks Prospect Camp! If you want to check out the future of the franchise, head out to Johhny’s Icehouse West at 2550 W. Madison, Chicago, IL from now until July 12.
  • Follow us on Twitter! I’m at @RunsOnDuncan, and Casey is at @Raedances.

Second Balcony Breakdown: Andrew Saad!

Totally the same person.

Totally the same person.

Casey and I return with another episode of Second Balcony Breakdown dedicated to the best young player on the Chicago Blackhawks right now, Andrew Saad.

Wait — what do you mean they’re two different people?

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Topics include:

  • Last week’s Blackhawks games against the Nashville Predators (three times!) and St. Louis Blues (thankfully, only one time)
  • How we would solve the problem of the shootout
  • Clinching a playoff berth — aw yeah
  • Jaromir Jagr going to the Boston Bruins
  • Why we’re not impressed with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Marc-Andre Fleury
  • The trade deadline and the hilarity therein, including the Columbus Blue Jackets becoming the Columbus Blue Rangers
  • Should players/teams have to release every single medical detail to the press?
  • The Line Cocktail for this week will be good for you.
  • Question for this week: Now that the Blackhawks are in the playoffs, which Western Conference team would you least like them to meet? Also, if they do make it to the Finals who in the Eastern Conference would you least like them to meet? Why?
  • Me being completely mentally exhausted and blanking out more than once. Sorry, guys.

Ciao, Lumbus!: Chicago Blackhawks 2, Columbus Blue Jackets 1 (SO)

Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr

Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr

And so, the last game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Columbus Blue Jackets as Central Division rivals ended the way it started this season — with a one-goal win by the Blackhawks.

(Except this one was via the shootout, which shouldn’t even be a thing, but whatever.)

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Warmups: Will The Chicago Blackhawks Win Against The Columbus Blue Jackets?

Reply Hayes-y, Try Again. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

Reply Hayesy, Try Again. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

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Second Balcony Breakdown: Catching Up With Casey And Kat



Second Balcony Breakdown makes a triumphant return this week live from Casey’s apartment (which means the sound quality is about 500% better than any podcast that came before it)! Casey was out of the country last week, so we have a lot of ground to cover, including…

  • Making Casey’s dad drink his first shot of Jeppson’s Malört
  • Working backwards, the Chicago Blackhawks‘ games against the… (deep breath) Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Avalanche times two, Minnesota Wild, Detroit Red Wings, Columbus Blue Jackets, St. Louis Blues, and Edmonton Oilers (again)
  • Other happenings around the NHL, including the debate on visors being reignited by Marc Staal‘s injury, the Anaheim Ducks and Ryan Getzlaf‘s baldness contract extension, the Philadelphia Flyers‘ woes, and the Blue Jackets as the Little Team That Could.
  • Patrick Sharp‘s insatiable vanity during warmups
  • Jonathan Toews‘ spread in Splash magazine (click here for the online article about it — you’ll be able to tell what photos I’m talking about when you get there) and his new nickname, Captain Tiger Beat
  • Casey’s experience watching a Belfast GiantsCardiff Devils game in Ireland
  • The best hockey bar Casey has ever been to is in Belfast at the Odyssey Arena, and it’s called Rockies Sports Bar. They have every sort of jersey you can imagine… except for a Blackhawks jersey. Someone needs to get on that. Have the Blackhawks’ people call their people.
  • The Line Cocktail for the week, which is the most disgusting one yet.
  • Question for this week: I don’t even know — you find it.
  • Make sure you’re following us on Twitter! Casey is @Raedances, and I’m, of course, @RunsOnDuncan.

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What More Can I Say?: Chicago Blackhawks 4, Columbus Blue Jackets 3 (OT)

Your first star of the game, Bryan Bickell. Yes, really. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

Your first star of the game, Bryan Bickell. Yes, really. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

The Chicago Blackhawks are now 18-0-3.

I… what? Really?

I mean… I don’t even know what else to say about this.

I am out of words about this streak!

So let’s talk about this game.

…Actually, let’s not talk about the game, because, well — I don’t want to. Go watch the video you know you want to watch — Jonathan Toews‘ unbelievable no-look pass to Brent Seabrook for the winner. Shakespeare would have written sonnets about that pass.

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Second Balcony Breakdown: The Chicago Blackhawks Podcast Formerly Known As The Quiet Room

I'm starting to think that Patrick Sharp should just be this podcast's mascot. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

I’m starting to think that Patrick Sharp should just be our “logo.” (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

Welcome to our newly-renamed podcast, Second Balcony Breakdown! Casey and I would like to thank Fork from HOCKEENIGHT for providing us with part of the name (the “Second Balcony” part). Seriously, go check out HOCKEENIGHT if you haven’t already. Just don’t click the links if you’re at work. You might get fired… or arrested.

Onto the topics, which include…

  • Last week’s Chicago Blackhawks games against the San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets (we already had a special podcast about the game against the Vancouver Canucks, which you can listen to here)
  • Duncan Keith is a weirdo (talking about Brandon Saad‘s “big, hairy” body after the Sharks game). Check out his quotes to Brian Hedger on Hedger’s Twitter, for example.
  • Lindy Ruff, and why the Buffalo Sabres are terrible
  • Various games around the league, including the shitshow that was the Pittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers game, the return of Luocho in the Canucks game against the Detroit Red Wings, and Evgeni Malkin‘s concussion in the Penguins’ game against the Florida Panthers
  • The NHL’s proposed realignment plan and why it’s boring (check out my post about it)
  • This week’s Line Cocktail Whoops, no Line Cocktail for this week, because we forgot. Next week’s will be a doozy to make up for this.
  • This week’s question: With Detroit possibly out of the Blackhawks’ conference next year, who will take their place as their top rival?

Click the button below to listen. One of these days, I will sound less like I’m talking with a scarf wrapped around my face while inside a tin shed. Hopefully by next week.

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Boring But Effective: Chicago Blackhawks 1, Columbus Blue Jackets 0


Only goal scored. Only goal needed. (Photo: Mel Boysen/flickr)

One of these days, sooner rather than later, the Columbus Blue Jackets will learn how to score. Hell, they had a few good chances against the Chicago Blackhawks tonight, with only a couple of bad bounces off of the post keeping them off of the score sheet.

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5-0*: Blackhawks 3, Blue Jackets 2

The only guy who was awake the entire game. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

* Shout out to referee Dan O’Rourke, who made that terrible no-goal call on the Blue Jackets in the second period. He ruled that Nick Foligno had made “incidental contact” with Corey Crawford beforehand. Oh. Okay, then.

This was the worst game the Blackhawks have played all season. Fortunately for them, they were playing the Blue Jackets at their Blue Jacketiest. What other team could turn a four-minute power play into a 4-on-3 penalty kill? (I ask you, because I honestly do not know. Jesus, the Blue Jackets are terrible — though, really, they’re less terrible than last season.)

But no matter how they played, they’ve made it to 5-0, which ties the best start in Blackhawks history (the record was set in — you guessed it — the 1972-73 season).

Now let’s all watch Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews make the Blue Jackets look stupid with what would become the game-winning goal.

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