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Second Balcony Breakdown: WE’RE BACK

Did they even TRY with these?

Did they even TRY with these?

No. Seriously. Casey and I have come back to mock the Chicago Blackhawks and the rest of the NHL with Second Balcony Breakdown!

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Topics include:

  • What took us so long to return (SPOILER: it was my fault)
  • The Blackhawks. Duh.
  • The weird start to the NHL season
  • Depressing medical news around the league
  • The Winter Classic and the new Road to the NHL Winter Classic show on Epix. Here’s the teaser video, if you haven’t seen it yet:

  • Potential salary cap problems
  • Potential NHL expansion… to Las Vegas?
  • Has the AHL figured out how to kill the shootout?
  • My trip to Tampa Bay and my upcoming trip to Columbus
  • And, perhaps most importantly, Casey’s “bro fridge” and the problems therein

Because of that last bit, this week’s question is:

How can you tell if jelly has gone bad? Because Casey needs some help with this, you guys.

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Second Balcony Breakdown: THE RETURN

It's been so long since we've recorded, this little nugget was still in the womb. (Sharp family/Chicago Blackhawks)

It’s been so long since we’ve recorded, this little nugget was still in the womb. (Sharp family/Chicago Blackhawks)

Casey and I make our triumphant return to mocking the Chicago Blackhawks and the rest of the NHL with this edition of Second Balcony Breakdown.

Download this podcast (Right-click on the link and “Save link/target as..”)

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Listen to the podcast via FeedBurner (For those of you who don’t do iTunes and can’t get any of the other methods to work.)

Topics include:

  • Every game that we haven’t covered, which is (surprise!) every game after the home opener, from the St. Louis Blues to the Tampa Bay Lightning (which includes me laughing hysterically about how the Lightning game went down)
  • Reassuring Blackhawks fans about the stuttering start the team has had
  • An overview of the NHL standings, or why the Colorado Avalanche are one goaltender injury away from a complete collapse
  • The timing of Peter Laviolette‘s firing actually makes sense now.
  • I still hate the Edmonton Oilers, so I don’t care that Nail Yakupov got scratched or that Taylor Hall broke some Gretzky record.
  • EVERYONE IS GETTING INJURED — especially if they’re on my fantasy team.
  • I would hate the Buffalo Sabres if they weren’t so sad, but that doesn’t stop me from getting angry with them about the John Scott hit.
  • Viktor Stalberg is a healthy scratch for the Nashville Predators, and he deserves it.
  • Old dudes are retiring.
  • This week’s Line Cocktail will hasten the coming of the holidays.
  • This week’s question: What Halloween costumes should the Blackhawks wear this year?
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Second Balcony Breakdown: Actual Hockey Edition

Dance Magic Dance? (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Dance Magic Dance? (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Hockey that actually counts for something has returned, and Casey and I cover it on Second Balcony Breakdown.

Download this podcast (Right-click on the link and “Save link/target as..”)

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Topics include:

  • The Chicago Blackhawks‘ banner raising, and then the first game against the Washington Capitals, which the Blackhawks won 6-4.
  • By the way, here is how to hack into your LED wristband/mup to get it to light up again.
  • The Blackhawks’ game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, which they lost 3-2 in a shootout.
  • Why you shouldn’t get upset about Michael Frolik and Dave Bolland scoring goals for their new teams
  • The Blackhawks’ logo: problematic or no?
  • Patrick Roy is a crazy asshole.
  • Seth Jones seems legit.
  • George Parros‘ injury and why fighting in the NHL will eventually become passe
  • John Tortorella‘s style of coaching got Alex Burrows injured. Or something.
  • Peter Laviolette was fired from the Philadelphia Flyers, and it’s probably the best thing that’s happened to him in a while.
  • I hate the Edmonton Oilers.
  • Also Brent Seabrook is the Goblin King? I don’t know.
  • The Line Cocktail for this week might make you want to put on a sweater and read to small children.
  • Question for this week: Which two players/prospects would you like to see in those two last, rotating roster spots on a mostly-permanent basis?
  • Follow us on Twitter! I’m at @RunsOnDuncan, and Casey is at @Raedances.

With A Bolt Of Blue: Blackhawks @ Tampa Bay Lightning

November 4, 2011

7:30 PM ET/6:30 PM CT

NHL Network, Comcast SportsNet Chicago, SUN

Chicago Blackhawks
Record: 8-2-2
Points: 18
Western Conference Standing: 2nd
Central Division Standing: 1st


Tampa Bay Lightning
Record: 5-5-2
Points: 12
Eastern Conference Standing: 10th
Southeast Division Standing: 3rd

The enemy’s Aerys site: Sons Of Andreychuk

Before we get into this regularly-scheduled preview, let me tell you about this friendly wager between myself and Sons Of Andreychuk head writer Alexis Boucher

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Blackhawks Will Be On National TV 13 Times; Bill Wirtz Keeps Spinning In His Grave.

The second-best thing to being here? (Photo: Cheryl Adams/flickr)

If you can’t catch the Blackhawks on CSN Chicago or WGN, and you don’t have Center Ice, don’t fret — you’ll still have a lot of opportunities to catch the Blackhawks on national TV. They will be exclusively on NBC or Versus (which will be re-branded as NBC Sports Network on Jan. 2) 12 times, while one game will be aired both on NBC Sports Network and CSN Chicago. The Blackhawks will also be on the NHL Network six times this season.

After the jump, check out the national TV schedule and plan your life accordingly. All times are CT.

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Zapped Back to Reality: Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Review

Blackhawks fall 2-0 to the Tampa Bay Lightning

It’s not the jerseys, the refs or anything else. It’s simply just not showing up when it counts.

For a team that has no guarantee of the playoffs, the Blackhawks gave an effort that was not indicative of that. Last season, there was underlying buzzing of what the post-season could bring to Chicago. The only feeling I’m getting for this post-season from the Blackhawks are a 1st round sweep to the hated Canucks if they can squeak in to the 8th and final playoff spot.

The scenario I just mentioned is one of my least desired situations in hockey ever in regards to the Blackhawks, but I see it as a completely likely possibility. This is the last week of the regular season and of the ten available points left to the Blackhawks they’ve already missed out on two. It’s not like the other teams in the playoff hunt have been sliding either, they’re getting it done and winning. With Calgary beating Colorado tonight, the Flames have pulled within a point and Dallas beat Anaheim to pull within three points of the Blackhawks for 8th.

Really what’s the excuse for not showing up to a game in which you need points more than the team you’re playing?  The Lightning were the aggressor in this game and the Blackhawks just couldn’t match them. You would have thought the Lightning were fighting for their playoff lives rather than the Blackhawks. Outside of the Vincent Lecavalier’s power play goal the only really notable event was when he was high sticked in the face and couldn’t return to the game in the second period. That’s unacceptable for the Blackhawks.

They were shutout despite having a sizable 31-14 advantage in shots. The penalty kill allowed a goal just eight seconds after Niklas Hjalmarsson was sent off for delay of game, though didn’t allow anything after. The power play? Did a fat lot of nothing in two opportunities to tie the game in the 3rd. In the faceoff dot, only Jonathan Toews was under 50% at 13-27 (48%), however he took 17 more faceoffs than any other player.

I realize that this isn’t the most upbeat review, but the fact is with the implications of this game, I expected more. I expected more effort and desire from a team fighting for their playoff lives and I didn’t get see it. This season I always have expected this team to rise to the occasion, but most times they fall flat like tonight. To me, that’s been the theme of this season, underachieving. Maybe Patrick Sharp eventually coming back will provide a spark, but that’s a big maybe.

Once the playoffs starts all bets are off, but you have to get there first.


Box Score:

1st Period
07:56 TBL PPG - Vincent Lecavalier (21) Tip-In – Assists: M. St Louis (64) & S. Gagne (21)

2nd Period

3rd Period
19:38 TBL EN - Nate Thompson (10) Wrist Shot – Assists: S. Gagne (22) & A. Hall (11)


Captain Force of Nature watch: -1 and as mentioned above 48% from the faceoff dot. Not the best game from him, but it wasn’t a great game for any of the team.

Duncan Keith plus/minus rating watch: -1

Coach Q face color watch: Brick red all night long.

Post-game quote from @TramyersCSN:

Q on the Bolts’ PPG: “That penalty and how we defended it put us in a tough spot.”

Stalberg: “We had a lot of chances out there and for some reason they didn’t bounce our way.

Toews: “No one makes excuses. But no one wants to keep playing like this, that’s for sure.”

Quenneville: “We need more (urgency). It has to come out with four games left.”

Toews post-game quotes from @BrianHedger:

“Whether you have momentum going into the playoffs or not … we don’t want to keep playing like this, that’s for sure.”

“Once you get to the playoffs, anything can happen — but you’ve got to be prepared for it.

“Regardless of the standings and all that other stuff, we’ve got to be pushing to be a better team.”

One from Brian Campbell: “We can battle to get to some of the areas we’re not getting to right now to score a few ugly goals.”

Post-game video: Troy Brouwer, Joel Quenneville, Brian Campbell, Jonathan Toews, Viktor Stalberg

Shock Me Please: Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Preview

April 3, 2010

6:00 PM CST

NHL Network USA, RDS, WGN, WGN 720

Chicago Blackhawks
Record: 42-27-8
Points: 92
Western Conference Standing: 8th
Central Division Standing: 3rd


Tampa Bay Lightning
Record: 43-24-11
Points: 97
Eastern Conference Standing: 5th
Southeast Division Standing: 2nd

The enemy’s Aerys Sports site: Sons of Andreychuk


Tonight’s game is the second of two match ups between the Blackhawks and Lightning, the last of which was won by Tampa Bay 4-3 in the shootout. The Lightning though have locked up a playoff berth and now are playing to catch the Capitals for the Southeast Division title. The picture for the Blackhawks is not so clear.

If you’re like me and have been checking up on the Western Conference standings after every game between teams in playoff contention, you’re probably developing a throbbing headache with all the possibilities of what teams could end up 4th-8h.

If you look at the last 10 games played by the top 8 teams in the west all but two teams have a record of 7-2-1 or better. Those two teams who have worst records? Detroit and Chicago who are both 5-3-2 in their last 10.

The Blackhawks still have control of their own fate if they keep winning, they’ll hand over control to other teams if they lose. There’s just a week, five games and 10 points to grab left in the season.

If the Ducks can have a late season surge why can’t the Blackhawks?


Previous Game

Chicago won against Columbus 4-3 in a shootout on Friday

Tampa Bay won against Minnesota 3-1 yesterday


Injury Report

CHI: Chicago is without forward Patrick Sharp (left knee) who will be re-evaluated today in hopes of skating soon. Forward Dave Bolland (concussion) is considered day-to-day but is progress is said to be slow. Defenseman Jordan Hendry (knee surgery) is out for the season. (nhl.com)

TBL: Defenseman Randy Jones is out (high ankle sprain) and is not expected back until the playoffs. (nhl.com)



Troy Brouwer, CHI: “I don’t even know if we deserved to win. We tried real hard to not win that game. If we tighten up our game, stop taking penalties, we’ll have no problem making the playoffs. But we need to do those things.” (CSN Chicago)

Dwayne Roloson, TBL: “We play really well when we have the momentum, and we’re playing with a little big of a swagger.” (CSN Chicago)



via blackhawks.nhl.com

Breaking News: Pavel Kubina Suspended Three Games For Hit On Bolland

And the NHL Wheel Of Justice strikes again.

Pavel Kubina was suspended for three games for this elbow hit on Dave Bolland during last night’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Here’s the press release from the NHL, via the Chicago Blackhawks:

Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Pavel Kubina has been suspended for three games and will forfeit $60,096.76 for delivering an elbow to the head of Chicago Blackhawks forward Dave Bolland in NHL game #1005, the National Hockey League announced today.

The incident occurred at 2:09 of the first period. No penalty was assessed on the play.

His fine is based on his average annual salary and is calculated under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Kubina will miss the Lightning’s next three games — Mar. 11 against Ottawa, Mar. 12 at Florida and Mar. 14 at Toronto. He is eligible to return Mar. 17 at Montreal.

Now, taken on its own, this is exactly the right call. The hit was a blatant shot to the head with an elbow, and three games is the going rate for a lot of these head shots. However, this suspension comes down a day after the controversial non-suspension in the Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty, thus fueling the debate on head shots in the NHL.

The debate is this (I neither agree nor disagree with the following statement, mind you — I’m just presenting it here): How can a hit that landed a man in the hospital as well as drew a 5-minute penalty and an ejection from the game result in no suspension, while a hit that did not even draw a 2-minute penalty garner a three-game suspension?

I’ll leave that for the experts to argue about.

Post-Game Review: Blackhawks @ Tampa Bay Lightning

Blackhawks lose to Tampa Bay Lightning 4-3 in a shootout.
Some people are upset about St. Louis shootout goal.
I’m more angry about the elbow to Bolland’s dome.


After being down 3-1 early in the second period (the first Lightning goal was a Stamkos laser, so I’m not even mad), the Blackhawks battled back to gain a point only to lose the NHL’s version of flippy cup on a goal that some have called illegal.

(Never mind that Rule 24.2 explains that Martin St. Louis’ admittedly excellent spin-o-rama goal is perfectly fine — I guess I’m supposed to be outraged or something. I save my anger for the idea of the shooutout in general. But that’s another entry for another time.)

So, it’s a point. Hell, I’m almost tempted to call it a moral victory. But that ignores the fact that there were some huge mental lapses on defense (Seabrook was on for the first two goals against — yeah, I know). And this is where Brian Campbell, for all the teeth-gnashing there is about his contract, has proven his worth to the team (not $7.14 million/year worth — but still very important). I don’t know what he does to the rest of the defense, but our D plays better when he’s in the lineup — probably because he eats up huge minutes and provides consistency in even the most unstable of games. I’m hoping his lower-body injury isn’t serious and that he comes back soon.

In the meantime, we got to see John Scott start a rush that led to the Blackhawks’ first goal and then hit iron in an attempt for his first goal since November 15, 2009. Wait, what!? I had to make sure that swine hadn’t suddenly received the power of flight when I watched him play last night.

Another player that might not be in Sunday’s game against the Capitals: Dave Bolland, who was injured after what looked like an elbow to the head delivered from Pavol Kubina. Check it out here:

There was no call on the play (yeah, okay, refs), but there will be a disciplinary hearing. (Am I allowed to call the police on Kubina if the NHL doesn’t suspend him for a game or three, or is that a Montreal thing? I just want to know my options!)

Here’s to hoping the Blackhawks can get it together for their game against the Capitals on Sunday.


Box Score:

1st Period
11:07: TBL Steven Stamkos (42) Snap Shot – Assists: M. St Louis (53) & B. Clark (16)
16:43: CHI Patrick Kane (23) Snap Shot – Assists: J. Toews (39) & P. Sharp (29)
19:44: TBL Martin St Louis (25) Wrist Shot – Assists: S. Stamkos (39) & A. Hall (8)

2nd Period
01:20: TBL Teddy Purcell (16) Backhand – Assists: V. Hedman (21) & S. Gagne (12)
09:39: CHI Patrick Sharp (34) Wrist Shot – Assists: J. Toews (40) & P. Kane (37)

3rd Period
03:30: CHI Jonathan Toews (28) Tip-In – Assists: N. Hjalmarsson (6) & B. Seabrook (34)

OT Period

TBL: Vincent Lecavalier – SAVE
CHI: Jonathan Toews – SAVE
TBL: Steven Stamkos – SAVE
CHI: Patrick Kane – SAVE
TBL: Martin St Louis – GOAL
CHI: Marian Hossa – SAVE


Captain Force of Nature watch: One goal and two assists. The first line was on fire last night, and Jonathan Toews was the match.

Duncan Keith plus/minus rating watch: -1

Coach Q face color watch: Ran the gamut from Piggy Pink to Maroon.

Post-game quotes from @TramyersCSN:

Crawford on SO goal: “I don’t know. It was pretty close. It looked like he may have stopped for a second and kept going.”

Toews on SO goal: “I saw the original play. You can still see his left foot moving forward. It looked all right to me.”

Post-game videos: Corey Crawford, Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook, Joel Quenneville

Game-Day Preview: Blackhawks @ Tampa Bay Lightning

March 9, 2011

7:30 PM EST/6:30 PM CST

VERSUS, Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, WGN Radio 720

Chicago Blackhawks
Record: 37-24-6
Points: 80
Western Conference Standing: 4th
Central Division Standing: 2nd


Tampa Bay Lightning
Record: 37-21-8
Points: 82
Eastern Conference Standing: 5th
Southeast Division Standing: 2nd

The enemy’s G9 Sports site: None



Let’s try this again, shall we?

Tonight, the Blackhawks take on the Lightning, who have been struggling as of late. The Bolts are on a four-game skid — most recently a shootout loss to division rivals the Washington Capitals. They have now fallen behind the Capitals in the Southeast Division.

The Blackhawks have a chance to bounce back from their painful loss against the Florida Panthers last night — their first loss in nine games. They have no one to blame but themselves for that one — they sat back on their heels for the first period and allowed the game to slip away from them within the first 20 minutes. Hopefully, the Blackhawks have learned their lesson and can bounce back against the Bolts tonight.


Previous Game

Chicago lost against Florida 3-2 on Tuesday

Tampa Bay lost against Washington 2-1 in a shootout on Monday


Injury Report

CHI: Defenseman Jordan Hendry will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL. (nhl.com) Defenseman Brian Campbell is out with a lower-body injury. Forward Fernando Pisani, who was out with a concussion, returns to the lineup tonight, replacing Viktor Stalberg on the fourth line. (via @TramyersCSN on Twitter)

TBL: Forward Steve Downie (lower body) and defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron (back spasms) are both day-to-day. Forward Ryan Malone (mid-body) is on Injured Reserve. Defenseman Randy Jones (lower body) is out indefinitely. (lightning.nhl.com) Defenseman Mike Lundlin, who was on Injured Reserve, will return to the lineup tonight. (Lightning Insider)



Marty Turco, CHI: “I’ve been around a while and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a bigger lesson to be learned than I did tonight (vs. Florida). Whatever it is we thought to ourselves or did, changed after one period. It was one heck of a wake-up call. The way we played (the last two periods) was unreal, but sometimes it’s disappointing. Why can’t we play like that all the time?” (TampaBay.com)

Guy Boucher, TBL: “It’s been a tough week, week and a half. That’s why we have to battle and persist. It’s easy to persist when things go easy. Now, they’re just not turning our way.” (TampaBay.com)



Via NHL.com